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Dlican Digital Profile
Dlican Digital Profile

Company Profile

Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (As called for short Dlican Digital) was established in 2016, located in China's "capital of innovation" in Shenzhen.

Dlican Digital is the industry's leading manufacturer of UV digital printing equipment, is committed to providing customers with the most professional multi-purpose UV flatbed printer and universal printer. The company own product design, development, production and sales ,to provide customers a full set of solutions including equipment selection, technical training, industrial production.

The Company have about 50 staff members and owned a high standard of R & D team, in the field of industrial printing which has more than 10 years of technical reserves.

The head office is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, at the same time in Guangzhou, Changsha, Suzhou and more places to set up branch offices,with service and support capabilities nationwide.

Dlican people are full of passion. We are committed to the forefront of industrial printing technology used in the manufacturing industry, to promote China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

Enterprise products

The company is committed to researching and developing UV flatbed printer and UV rolled printer. UV printing is a new digital printing technology, applied digital printing technology, without plate-making, gorgeous color, high precision and high efficiency, compared to the traditional ink-jet and silk screen technology, which has an unparalleled advantage.

At present, the product application covers a wide range of industries such as advertising printing, sheet metal processing, flexible coil, building ceramics, decorative flooring, process wallpaper, packaging cardboard, textile fabrics and so on. It realizes the instant delivery of industrial production from design customization to end products.

Dlican digital has a wealth of technical precipitation and accumulation in the UV flatbed printer advertising digital output field.It has been established a very mature service system from the early image processing, color management to the application program.

Corporate vision


Dlican uphold the concept of excellence, and continuously improve product quality, to become the most trusted brand in UV printing equipment industry.


We will continue to enhance the level of customer service, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and , eliminating the worries of customers,then to promote the healthy development of the industry.


We will continue to committed to industrial printing R & D and innovation, digging the user needs deeply, always keep up with industry development trends, to strengthen technological innovation, optimize the cost of consumption, and strive to create the best quality UV digital printing solutions.


We are good at listening to the voice of customers, to provide customers with suitable products;

we think each employee as the source of the enterprise, and strive for providing a better working environment and career prospects for each employee; developing with workers, growing together with clients and achieve harmony and win-win.

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